Multiplication Fact Practice
Secret Letter "e"

Blank Multiplication Table - CLICK HERE to download and print
Facts Tests
Click and download a test below. Print the page and slide it into your personal whiteboard (to save paper). Practice until you can complete the page in less than 2 minutes. Then move on to the next test.
Multiplication Games/Websites and Printables
A printable to help parents and kids

Videos for each of the multiplication tables

I know you have this resource but I wanted to point this specific one out.  There is a picture to help visual learners learn the fact, then a tab that allows you to practice just that fact and then a 3rd tab to understand the fact. There are 6 steps in total to help you master the facts. 

My favorite printable to see yourself skip counting
MULTIPLICATION SONGS... Pick one fact to work on each week and sing the song every day
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