5th Grade Math

Welcome to 5th grade math!  My goal is confidence in the mastery of the current learning objectives, and the successful preparation of my students for math beyond 5th grade.  Grading policy is universal in 5th grade.  The schedule and expectations for math are as predictable as I can manage around the school schedule*, and can be expected as follows:

Monday: New Concept/ Vocabulary Intro / Guided Practice, Homework

Tuesday: Vocabulary use, guided and independent practice, Homework

Wednesday:  Graded Test-Prep assignment in class, completed as homework if necessary; Due Thursday-test day

Thursday*:  Testing*

Friday: Make-up testing; Re-teaching/ skill reinforcement - technology integrated

*NOTEBOOKING is a part of daily learning in math, and students are often allowed to use notebooks during tests.  Best prepared notebooks require student materials daily.

Materials Needed:

Composition Notebooks (1 for each quarter, 1,2, & 3) NO SPIRALS please

Pencils/erasers/ high lighter/ colored pencils/ Glue Sticks/ scissors

Loose leaf paper


**Quarterly Skill Emphasis:  Every quarter will include basic skills practice

5th Grade Math  Quarter 1:  Place value, decimals, rounding and multi-digit multiplying, volume intro

5th Grade Math  Quarter 2:  Dividing multi-digit whole and decimal numbers;intro to fractions as division, fraction multiplication & division

5th Grade Math  Quarter 3:  Measurement (metric/customary), volume, coordinate grid

5th Grade Math  Quarter 4:  Algebraic expressions, line plots, 2-D geometry

**Subject to adjustment with State DOE and District Course of Study guidelines.