Responsce to Instruction (RTI)

Here at Excel, we focus on the principles of quality instruction, intervention and assessment within a Tiered program called Response to Instruction (RTI). The three Tiers of Instruction are Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. The Tier instruction is designed to meet the needs of students in varying degrees of educational abilities.

Tier I is designed to cover the General Education classroom and serves all students. This Tier is encompasses quality teaching in each classroom every day and incorporates quality instruction and class management to reach all students. Typically speaking, 80% of students generally grasp the concepts in this setting and the classroom teacher uses the best practices scenario to fulfill the teaching and learning to all students. During Tier I we use STAR testing as our universal screenings and progress monitoring tool to make sure that students are learning and progressing with grade level expectations.

Tier II is designed to meet the needs of the 15% of the class that did not grasp the concept in class and may need some type of intervention. The interventions are things that can take place in class from small group settings to one on one instruction. Teachers have also made themselves available to meet in after school settings for tutoring as well. The interventions used are targeted to the audience either individually or to a whole group that needs extra services to help them become successful in their educational growth. Tier II is designed to help at risk students and also to provide more rapid and in depth progress monitoring from the classroom teachers.

If students are not successful in Tier I or Tier II then they fall into the Tier III category. Research has shown that not over 5% of students within a classroom should fall into the Tier III category. Within this category, students are pulled out of their regular education classes and placed onto an intensive intervention research based program, and for Excel that program is Successmaker. This Tier is designed for intensive interventions for individual students that is high intensity and provides immediate growth feedback for the students involved.

We at Excel School make every effort to provide students with an awesome education. In doing so, we provide students with interventions and support needed to grow and become strong community leaders. The interventions we offer are of researched based studies and have been effective in student achievement.

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