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Secret Letter "a" - Our classroom code is: 
If you go to then click sign in. If you go to the purple classroom tab then you can use the code above. Then click Mrs. Murphy. Next find your name in the list click it and scroll back to the top to type in your pin.
***At home you can have your parent sign you up for xtra math using your individual sign up information but if this doesn't work try the above method. You should have your pin at all times (parents if you need it email me and I will send it over). Students should be logging in 4 times a week minimum. - Struggling with a concept or need review? Missed a lesson? Check learnzillion for videos to help you get caught up!!
Learnzillion how to guide for parents - CLICK HERE  
Online math assignments. Each student should have their login information but if not email me and I can send it to you. They should be completing 2 assignments per week. 
Math videos that are very helpful for all math topics - 
Other sites to try -
Helpful Site that gives examples for each Module and standards addressed - 
This site has games and online activities to play directly based on standards and skills for grades 3-5 
 More Awesome Math Games
Common Core Standards with Exercises and Videos