Math Homework Expectations

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Student Expectations:

Every night students will have homework that reflects the skill or strategy learned in class that day. There will be times when this skill is very easy however there will also be times that you may feel uncertain and the homework will not be as clear. Wherever you are in your ability the expectation is that you TRY.

Resources that MUST be used at home to be successful…

·         Homework Folder – This contains current homework pages along with helpful websites.

·         Math Notebook – This contains new vocabulary, notes, and practice problems or strategies learned in class. Notebooks should be open to the current lesson or topic learned while completing homework. If an old skill is in the homework or when studying for a test students should turn back to previous notes for support. It is also expected that notebooks stay organized and that the notes are neat and completed.

·         Online Resources – There are many online resources available to help students practice and find information they need. Many are on the teacher website. Students need to be using this as a tool to help them at home.

When doing homework follow the expectations below.

·         Find a quiet place and time to do your work free from distractions. Gather everything you need before you get started so you are ready and engaged when you do start.

·         You MUST use resources above to support you at home. The Homework Folder and Notebook need to be open and ready during homework time even when you feel confident in the problems. This is how you check and make sure you have got it.

·         Read ALL directions and complete all steps for each problem. Pay attention to the strategies required and try your best to use them. If it is a word problem you MUST use appropriate strategies to complete.

·         You must attempt all of the homework. Use problem solving strategies and perseverance to complete it.

·         All work needs to be neat and organized so that you can best avoid mistakes and check for errors. If it is not readable it is the same as not doing it at all.

·         If you get stuck or frustrated take a break and go back to it. It is YOUR job to write why you are struggling, what you do not understand, what you are using to help you, and show what steps you took to attempt the problem. A blank page or a page that says “I don’t know” or “it’s too hard” is unacceptable.

·         Talk to your teacher and ask questions. Do not wait until you go home and then tell your parents you do not understand. It is not their job to learn it or to teach it to you.


Parent Expectations:

Students will have homework every night that reflects the skill or strategy they learn in class that day. There will be times when this skill comes easy for them and they are very ready to complete the entire homework. There will also be times that they are still uncertain and the homework will not be as clear. Wherever they are in their ability the expectation is that they TRY.  4th Grade students are learning to be independent problem solvers. It is THEIR job to persist through homework even when it is hard. Parents are not expected to reteach/teach/or know the new strategies being learned. It is understood that these strategies are very new for many adults today.

You can best support your child in homework by following the tips below.

·         Check that they are bringing home their Binder and notebook daily and using it when doing homework or studying. Also check that it is neat, organized, and complete.

·         Keep a positive attitude about the new strategies used.

·         Ask your child to explain the new strategy to you by letting your child teach you and tell you why it works.

·         Ask your child how they did it in class, or what parts they do understand.

·         Ask your child to find examples of where they did this in class (i.e. in their notebook and Problem Set).

·         Help them push through by prompting, “What would you try first? Why? Next? How?” etc…

·         Ask your child if they know a different strategy that might work also (if they are stuck they can try a different way).

·         If they are struggling and upset allow them to take a break and encourage them that they shouldn’t know it all yet. This is homework, it is just practice and it will still be new and hard sometimes.

·         Please check that if they get stuck they are writing why they are struggling, what they do not understand, what they are using to help them, and show what steps they took to attempt the problem.

***A blank page or a page that says “I don’t know” or “it’s too hard” is unacceptable.

·         If you have questions please utilize the online resources provided on the teacher website and in parent emails and if you need help contact the teacher.


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